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MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations, and MRO supply refers to the products and materials needed to perform maintenance and repair tasks in industrial settings. MRO supplies can include items such as tools, equipment, spare parts, lubricants, cleaning supplies, and safety gear.

MRO supplies are essential to the smooth operation of our client’s industrial facilities, as they help ensure that machinery and equipment are properly maintained and repaired when necessary. This can help prevent downtime and equipment failures, which can be costly and disruptive to production.

EquipUp specializes in providing MRO supplies to industrial customers in emerging markets. We offer various MRO industrial products (equipment, spare parts, raw materials, and supplies) and services such as inventory management and vendor consolidation. We also operate an e-commerce platform where customers can source, procure, and track various MRO items on our website in real-time.

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