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Portable Hand Spin Wheel Balancer

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Portable Hand Spin Wheel Balancer
CEMB wheel equipment for Gas Stations, small and medium size garages requiring basic computer wheel balancing for cars and light trucks. The C29 mobile wheel balancer comes fully assembled.

  1. Microprocessor-Based Hand Spin Balance(without motor)
  2. C29 balances steel and light alloy wheels of cars, light trucks, motorcycles and scooters (with optional adaptors)
  3. Foot Brake for exact placement of wheel weights
  4. Self-Diagnosis and Self-Calibration
  5. Menus for quick selection of the following:
  6. ounces to grams
  7. inches to millimeters
  8. unbalanced thresholds 0.1 or 0.25 ounces (1 or 5g)
  9. Optimization program for compensation of rim and tire unbalance
  10. Standard Quick Nut Mounting
  11. `Static` program-plus 4 ALU programs for PAX, light alloy or special shaped rims
  12. Manual Data Entry
  13. Dual Operator Program
  14. One Button Split and Hidden Weight Program
  15. Unique size, weight and dual power supply (12VD.C or 110vac) C29 becomes mobile for onsite balancing
  16. 4-Compartment Weight Tray

Power Supply: 110 VAC/12DC
Max. Power absorbed: 0.03 Kw
Shaft Size: 40mm
Balancing Speed: less than 100 rpm
Balancing Accuracy: lessthan 1g
Rim Diameter: 10 in - 30 in
Rim Width: 1.5 in - 20 in
Maximum Wheel Weight: 165 lbs or (75kg)
Operating Temperature: Deg. F 32-113 ( Deg. C 0-45)
Average Cycle Time: 6-8 seconds
Packing Dimensions: L58 in x W43 in x H59 in 1

Model Number: C29
Brand Name: CEMB
Product Weight: 211 lbs.
Year of Manufacture: 2016
Condition: NEW
Transmission: Manual
Cylinder: 3
Drive: Fwd
Fuel: Gas
PaintColor: Black
Size: Compact
TitleStatus: Clean
Supply Ability: Weekly
Delivery Time: 1 Week
Packaging Details: Crate
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211 lbs
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