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This tape is excellent for general repair, bundling, patching and mending, conformable, excellent adhesion to variety of surfaces, no curl. Versatile polyethylene coated cloth tape. Conforms well to irregular surfaces. Tears straight, hangs straight, curl resistant. Rubber adhesive, polyethylene coated cloth backing.

> Marking, packaging, protecting,
fastening, closing

> Bonding of construction films
> Closing of cartons
> Fixing of wires
> Splicing of films

Main Applications

Backing material: Extruded cloth
Adhesive: Natural rubber
Total thickness:230/250µm
Adhesion to steel: 10.16N/inch
Mesh: 70
Temperature resistance: 80℃
Width available: 18/24/36/48/50/60/72/75mm
Length: 5-50m
Color available: Red, orange, yellow,
green, blue, white, black, silver

Physical and technical data

Count the lines in a square inch, and you
know how many meshes they are.

Model Number: EUS-DT16
Brand Name: OEM
Color: Brown, Green Blue, Red Yellow, Silver, Black and OEM Design
Applications: Marking, packaging, protecting,
Year of Manufacture: 2016
Condition: New
Certification: ISO9001
Supply Ability: Monthly
Delivery Time: 2-5 Week
Packaging Details: 20ft Container Load
Product Size