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DCC Series 4-20mA 2-wire Output Displacement Transducer

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These transducers are for displacement / position measurement. They make an accurate position measurement of the movement of the armature (the sliding part) relative to the body of the displacement transducer.

This transducer uses the Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) principle which means that it is probably the most robust and reliable position sensor type available. The strength of the LVDT sensor`s principle is that there is no electrical contact across the transducer position sensing element which for the user of the sensor means clean data, infinite resolution and a very long life.

Our 4-20mA LVDT transducer has all of the benefits of the LVDT sensor principle with the added convenience of a 2-wire interface..

This series of displacement transducer is available as either an unguided, captive or spring return version.
Unguided version..
On our unguided LVDTs the armature assembly is a separate component, to make a measurement the user must guide the armature inside the body without touching the sides. Unguided position measurement transducers are appropriate where external guidance is available and give truly non-contact operation
DCTH100/1431 to DCTH400/1431
DCC025U to DCC0400U
TypeRangeLinearity error (% F.S.)LXTotal weightArmature weightTFOver-Travel
Inward over-travel
DCTH100/14315mm (0.2``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.13``1.3``7.3oz0.11oz0.7``0.46``
DCTH200/143110mm (0.4``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.13.3``1.3``7.3oz0.11oz0.7``0.35``
DCTH300/143115mm (0.6``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.13.3``1.3``7.3oz0.11oz0.7``0.26``
DCTH400/143120mm (0.8``)<±0.5/±0.253.3``1.3``7.3oz0.11oz0.7``0.15``
DCC025U25mm (1``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.16.9``1.7``8oz0.6oz0.6``0.63``
DCC050U50mm (2``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.18.0``2.7``10oz0.8oz0.6``0.87``
DCC100U100mm (4``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.112.5``3.2``13oz1.3oz0.6``0.63``
DCC150U150mm (6``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.116.9``4.7``1.1lb1.9oz0.6``1.14``
DCC200U200mm (8``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.118.7``5.2``1.4lb2.5oz0.6``0.63``
DCC300U300mm (11.8``)<±0.5/±0.2526.2``7.2``1.9lb3.5oz0.6``0.63``
DCC400U400mm (15.7``)<±0.5/±0.2533.7``10.2``2.8lb4.9oz1.2``1.06``

Captive guided version..
Our captive guided displacement transducer has bearings to guide the armature inside the measurement sensor. Captive LVDTs are for position measurement applications where guidance may be poor and end bearings may be required.
TR=M5x0.8 / 0.4``
TypeRangeLinearity error (% F.S.)LXD3Total weightTFOver-Travel
Inward over-travelOutward over-travel
DCC025C25mm (1``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.17.6``1.5``0.187``12oz0.6``0.39``0.47``
DCC050C50mm (2``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.18.7``2.5``0.187``14oz0.6``0.51``0.39``
DCC100C100mm (4``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.113.2``3.0``0.187``1.1lb0.6``0.39``0.55``
DCC150C150mm (6``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.117.6``4.5``0.187``1.4lb0.6``0.94``0.6``
DCC200C200mm (8``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.119.4``5.0``0.187``1.7lb0.6``0.31``0.6``
DCC300C300mm (11.8``)<±0.5/±0.2526.9``7.0``0.187``2.3lb0.6``0.47``0.67``
DCC400C400mm (15.7``)<±0.5/±0.2534.4``10.0``0.187``3.2lb1.3``0.87``0.98``
DCC500C500mm (19.7``)<±0.5/±0.2542.0``12.0``0.187``3.7lb1.1``1.34``1.38``
DCC760C760mm (29.9``)<±0.558.0``16.0``0.187``4.9lb0.8``0.51``0.51``
DCC940C940mm (37.0``)<±0.568.5``20.0``0.236``5.8lb1.1``0.20``1.30``

Spring return version..
Our spring displacement transducer has bearings to guide the armature inside the measurement sensor and a spring which pushes the armature to the fully out position. Spring return LVDTs are appropriate where it is not possible to connect the transducer armature to the moving component being measured.
DCTH100AG/1431 to DCTH400AG/1431
DCC025A to DCC150A
TypeRangeLinearity error (% F.S.)LXTotal weightSpring force (nom)Over-Travel
Spring force at XSpring rateInward over-travelOutward over-travel
DCTH100AG/14315mm (0.2``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.13.3``0.5``7.8oz4oz.8.5oz/inch0.09``0.05``
DCTH200AG/143110mm (0.4``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.13.3``0.5``7.8oz4oz.7.1oz/inch0.01``0.05``
DCTH300AG/143115mm (0.6``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.13.3``0.7``7.8oz5oz.5.8oz/inch0.06``0.05``
DCTH400AG/143120mm (0.8``)<±0.5/±0.253.3``0.9``7.8oz6oz.7.2oz/inch0.05``0.05``
DCC025A25mm (1``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.17.2``1.5``8oz4.6oz2.0oz/inch0.04``0.51``
DCC050A50mm (2``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.18.3``2.5``10oz7.2oz3.0oz/inch0.12``0.39``
DCC100A100mm (4``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.112.8``3.0``14oz6oz1.8oz/inch0.31``0.55``
DCC150A150mm (6``)<±0.5/±0.25/±0.117.2``4.5``1.1lb1lbs3.2oz/inch0.59``0.59``

Connection details


Excitation/supply (acceptable)12V to 36VElectrical output bandwidth250Hz
Output4-20mA (4mA = inward full scale)Temperature coefficient (span)±0.017% F.S. /°F (typical)
Output load(Vs-11) x 50 .OhmsOperating temperature range14°F to 158°F
Output ripple50uA (peak-to-peak)Electrical termination6.6ft (integral cable) Longer available to order.

Model Number: DCTH100/1431 and DCC025U
Brand Name: RDP
Color: Chrome
Applications: Displacement / position measurement
Year of Manufacture: 2016
Condition: New
Certification: ISO 9001, CE
Supply Ability: Monthly
Delivery Time: 4-6 Weeks
Packaging Details: Corrugated Case
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