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Cogeneration Power Plant

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Cogeneration 1.2MW Power Plant

We have available for immediate shipment the following:

One near new cogeneration system with modular design that has never been run in production.This system is a 1.2 Megawatt Power Plant
power plant and can burn bark, sawdust, agricultural wastes such as peanut shells, rice hulls, straw, animal residue, wet wood, etc. This system will convert such waste products into useable thermal and electrical energy. This solid waste stream can be converted into particle form by the use of a commercial shredder, conveyed to a silo for storage, and then fed automatically in the BEC combustion zone where a supply of steam is generated through a heat exchanger. Steam is transferred to the Elliott turbine that turns the Kato generator.

This system comes complete with generator control center, boiler control center, combustion control center, control room switchboard, turbine oil system, dust delivery control system, switchgear and PLC controls.

This plant was new in 2005 when installed and has never been run. The turbine gearbox and generator were OEM rebuilt. The company purchased this system with a guarantee the burner could meet NOX standards.
After installation, the burner could not efficiently burn medium density fiberboard with high formaldehyde content Consequently, the burner could not meet those NOX standards that are the most stringent in the state of California BEC’s burners are used throughout the United States and meet or exceed NOX control standards.

This cogen system can be professionally dismantled, all equipment tagged for reinstallation and shipped to your facility, reassembled, and connected to your present electrical grid system. It would take approximately 10 weeks to dismantle the plant and 10 flatbed trucks to ship the equipment to your plant site, and approximately 16 weeks to reassemble. This plant would include everything needed except fuel processing (grinding), storage and a transformer to supply power to your facility.

Model Number: 1.2 Megga Watt
Type of Product: Power Plant
Product Weight: 0 lbs.
Automatic Grade: Like New Never Fully Powered
Year of Manufacture: 2005
Supply Ability: Quarterly
Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks Weeks
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