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Champion PL Series Air Compressor FREE SHIPPING IN USA

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Engine driven compressors are designed for areas where electrical service is unavailable. Engine mounted compressors meet the needs of field or road service applications. Specific units are available to be operated with gas or diesel fuel.

(1) Two Stage, Splash or Pressure Lubricated Compressor Pumps
(2) Oil Level Site Glass on Pump
(3) Industrial Type Filter / Silencer
(4) Pressure Gauge
(5) Pressures up to 250 lbs.
(6) Manual Tank Drain
(7) ASME Code Receiver
(8) Factory Filled with ChampLub Lubricant
(9) Vibration Isolator Pads standard on all 30 gallon tanks
(10) Engines are available as pressure lubricated, electric start and back-up recoil start standard on Briggs and Stratton Engines

Item #: BGPL7K
Item Name: Championreg; Engine Driven Portable Air Compressors
Motor Power: 14 hp
Engine Brand: Kohler
Fuel Type: Gas
Series: PL-Series (CBEPLB)
Compressor Pump Model: PL15A
Length: 41.2 in
Width: 20.5 in
Height: 29.3 in
Speed at 175 psi: 1025 rpm
Displacement Capacity at 175 psi: 29.9 CFM
Delivery Capacity at 175 psi: 23.2 CFM
Speed at 250 psi: 950 rpm
Displacement Capacity at 250 psi: 27.7 CFM
Delivery Capacity at 250 psi: 19.8 CFM
Approximate Shipping Weight: 304 lb