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Metal / Wood / Tire Shredding System

Metal / Wood / Tire Shredding System

Metal Wood Shredding System ARJES PRIMARY SHREDDER VZ 950

Product ID [EQUIP428]

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 Special transmission line - with independent rotation technology 
• When the pressure rises on one shaft, that one decreases its speed or reverses, while the other shaft can independently
work on its own pressure and increase/decrease
its speed or even reverse. All this happens instantly and it is crossed-combined very simply via the electro-hydraulic circuit. 
• This action significantly increases the performance, dramatically decreases the energy and stress requested by the shafts from 
the engine, hydraulics and gearboxes, resulting in a very smooth operation of the machine (+ longer life of the components and 
of the machine itself). 
• Special scrap shafts
• Independent rotation
• Very wide disc supports to wear plates
• Easy to hard-face wear plates
• Easy to replace wear plates
• Interchangeable wear protections to the core shaft
• Easy and inexpensive shafts maintenance 
• Special a-synchronous gearboxes
• Very wide discharge hopper under the shafts above the discharge belt
• Optional in-line magnet for best possible first stage ferrous metals separation
• Generous dimensioning of all parts and engine room for

Model Number: VZ950
Brand Name: Arjes
Type of Product: Shredding Ssystem
Product Weight: 0 lbs.
Automatic Grade: New
Applications: New
Year of Manufacture: 2015
Condition: New
Certification: ISO 9001
Supply Ability: Weekly
Delivery Time: 1-2 Week
Packaging Details: Truck
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