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Kano Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil, 8 oz. liquid (KROIL)

Kano Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil, 8 oz. liquid (KROIL)

Kano Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil, 8 oz. liquid (KROIL)

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Kano Laboratories AK8 8 Ounce Liquid Kroil Penetrating Lube

Kano Laboratories AK8 8oz Liquid Kroil Penetrating Lube Aero Kroil Loosens Frozen Metal Parts! An industry proven penetrating oil that has no equal. Quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts – frees frozen shafts, pulleys, etc. Penetrates to 1 millionth inch spaces, dissolves rust, lubricates, cleans and prevents rust. Displaces moisture. The oil that creeps! Molecular Structure Key to Loosening Frozen Metal Parts.

Kano Laboratories isolated the interdisciplinary physical, electrical and chemical properties, which cause the common industrial problem of frozen metal parts. Corrosion, compression, chemical reactions, thermal variations and electrical interrelationships are the primary factors which contribute in varying degrees to frozen metal parts. For example, in some instances loosening a frozen metal part requires that the molecular bond of oxidation be broken at the first molecular level.

This requires that a chemical bond be broken in an often-inaccessible location that literally exists in infinitely small spaces. Based on a unique proprietary formula and manufacturing process, Kano created a molecule which had an inherent means of expedient self propulsion which would penetrate into spaces which are immeasurably small. In the lab it was nicknamed Creeping Oil i.e. Kreeping Oil i.e. Kroil.

To these penetrating properties were added the ability to disrupt the existing corrosive bond while remaining chemically neutral to the base metal. Since not all frozen parts are caused by corrosion, additional research has provided for the inclusion of other molecular properties assuring that the final molecular architecture would also be capable of loosening frozen metal parts when other factors such as compression were more responsible for the problem. The result of the research of Kroil, the world’s largest selling penetrating oil.

Model Number: KROIL
Brand Name: Kano Laboratories
Product Weight: 50 lbs.
Color: N/A
Applications: Rust Prevention
Year of Manufacture: 2018
Condition: New
Certification: OSHA
Supply Ability: Daily
Delivery Time: 2-5 Days
Packaging Details: Corrugated
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50 lbs
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