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Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO):

Without MRO supplies, you wouldn't be able to function as effectively. By partnering with Equip Up Store for your MRO needs, you get local support and you also get access to MRO supply solutions that are available nationally and internationally. Even expert Buyers find MRO procurement a particular challenge. It encompasses a wide, complex mix of highly technical products and specialized services extending across a wide range of produces.

Equip Up Store operates as a MRO Integrator and Consolidator. Apart from delivering products to our client's location, take over ordering these products, managing inventories, paying for goods and handling other processes in purchasing MRO on the customer's behalf. Equip Up Store caters to companies that want to focus on their core competencies and outsource their day-to-day activities of parts procured to a third party.

We can also provide technical expertise and engineering design support along with the ability to help customers in identifying what parts they actually need for a particular function or to stay within compliance rules and regulations and not just supply the parts. As much as 15% of a facility's total budget can be spent on MRO supplies, which is why it's imperative to partner with a supply chain specialist who understands the total cost of ownership including acquisition, application, and possession. Get the solutions you've been searching for and check out our products

Our MRO sourcing landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years, yet most of customers haven't adapted to the changes. The line between MRO and direct materials/supply chain spend can be blurry, as can the line between MRO goods and services. From traditional distributor models to truly integrated supply approaches, Equip Up Store has several levels of services that we offer our customer to meet their project requirements.

Over the past few years, Equip Up Store has managed Millions of dollars in MRO spend for fortune 500 companies in the Oil & Gas industry, manufacturing, Construction, Food processing, mining, aviation and healthcare industries in more than 10 industries.

We have engaged many regional and national MRO distributors for their supplies and constant spare part supply, while also maintaining high inventory levels and SKUs to decrease downtime, lead-time and ultimately reduce spend visibility due to the lack of demand forecasting.

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