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Capital equipment often represents large items a company installs in its facilities for operating purposes. The different categories for these items include furnishings, machines, apparatus, or supplies used for business and production purposes. Capital Equipment Sourcing can be highly complex, labor intensive and time consuming. If you're spending too much time on RFP management, bid analysis spreadsheets, or the myriad of other tasks associated with sourcing, look to EUS for your strategic sourcing solution.

Our platform ( has over 1 million Supplier and counting offering Capital Equipment to meet the needs of multiple industries. Our wide range of supplier network and in-house capital equipment experts are a highly efficient uses cutting-edge approach to traditional Strategic Sourcing and Procurement. It is a collaborative; Internet based compliant e-sourcing solution that allows for an organized, structured and repeatable process. Whether your capital equipment needs are for oil production and exploration, construction, mining or food processing, Equip Up Store has the resourcing to source and procure your needs.

Industrial Equipment and Machines typically have two groups that they can fall under in terms of capital equipment purchases. The first group includes computer hardware used in production or office settings. These items can be large groups of inexpensive items worth thousands of dollars. The other types of machines are large-scale production equipment. Companies use these items to transform raw materials into usable intermediate or final goods for businesses or consumers. Equip Up Store specializes in sourcing and procuring all types of Capital Equipment needed by customers.

Equip Up Store has employed a unique sourcing and procurement strategy for each capital category in order to create pricing leverage and determining the best supply chain opportunities for our clients. Through a combination of the introduction of competition, utilization of strategic relationships with supplier conglomerates, and extensive negotiations, Equip Up Store managed to produce an average annual cost savings of 16%. Furthermore, our sourcing effort helped our clients company's managers hone their plant purchasers' ordering, inventory, and reporting methods.

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