Are you a business in Africa struggling with where to find and Buy Capital Equipment and MRO Supplies?

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources, especially gold, diamond, forest, and platinum, tea, coffee, chocolate and cotton. While Africa is definitely interesting as a growing market, industrial manufacturing is still in its early stages. Most of the value is generated by companies abroad that turn Africa's raw materials into finished goods. Its infrastructure is highly under developed with the major industrial areas connected with urban centers. To ensure Africa fully taps its production potential, Equip Up Store, is breaching the cab for an effective Africa procurement solution.

EUS boasts its own specialist in-house sourcing division based in Africa which collaborates with its corporate office based in Houston Texas. Our ability to source across the globe, negotiate supply contracts to the benefit of our clients particularly in Africa and ensure that they receive the right product - at the best possible price - within agreed service levels is very important to us.

Through a proven supplier relationship management methodology we ensure that we build and maintain supplier relationships that will benefit our customers in need of industrial equipment in Africa. Starting with a detailed spend analysis we strive to identify potential savings and rationalize our supplier base to leverage buying power, thus adding value to our customers' bottom line. Our extended supplier network has increased our capability to source any commodity at the best possible price.

Companies in Africa today are increasingly seeing the value of outsourcing the procurement function to specialist providers in order to improve business performance and achieve sustainable long term savings. The benefit of leveraging procurement outsourcing is measurable, a reduction in cost and greater supplier efficiencies. Equip Up Store has seen this opportunity in Africa and we strive to provide excellent sourcing, procurement and supply chain solutions to help businesses in Africa meet their project requirements.

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