Procurement for the Metals, Mining, and Minerals Industry

To stay competitive in the mining and mineral processing business, it has become increasingly important to have well-functioning automation systems. New requirements on these systems arise from several different sources. Customers continuously ask for further refined products of higher quality. This, together with a demand for increased efficiency generates requirements on sophisticated control functionality and display of relevant information to operators and maintenance personnel. Integration of different systems is required to improve overall efficiency and quality of services. Altogether, the new requirements make it increasingly important to be a skilled procurer of computer-based automation systems.

With extensive experience in mining and metals projects worldwide, EquipUp is equipped to handle the most challenging endeavors the world has to offer.

Direct Materials&Equipment
Castings and forgings
Fabricated products
Mining equipment (haul truck, drills, shovels, excavators and underground mining equipment)
Pressure vessels
Drilling and blasting equipment
Mining explosives
Conveyors belts
Stackers and reclaimer
Sheet metal components
Process chemicals and solvents
Turbines, pumps and compressors
Reactors and pressure vessels
Electronic components
Electrical components
Material handling equipment
Energy (electricity, oil and gases)
Capital machinery and equipment
Process automation and control equipment
Construction and building materials
Packaging materials
Indirect Spend
Facility Management Services
Facility Equipment and Supplies
Corporate Services
Professional Services
Travel and Entertainment
Telecom and Networking
IT Services
Office Supplies and Equipment
Computers and Peripherals
Logistics and Transportation

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