Procurement for the Food and Beavegae Industry

From grocery to takeout, consumers want food that supports their health and their values, packaged and delivered in many different ways. EquipUp helps you control food and beverage industry costs as you create new business models.

Procurement in the food and beverage industry tends to involve a large number of suppliers, even for smaller businesses. Whether you're a food manufacturer, restaurant, or other organization, chances are you need a variety of ingredients and food products, and one or two sources will not be enough to fill your requirements.

EquipUp provides an enterprise view of position, coverage, and risk for increased transparency and manages multiple commodities on an integrated platform. It delivers superior, real-time business intelligence for proactive decision-making and competitive advantage.

Direct Materials&Equipment
Metals and alloys
Fabricated structures
Sheet metal
Cooling system
Machined parts
Reactors and pressure vessels
Heat exchangers, boilers, and cooling towers
HVAC systems
Hydraulic and mechanical pitch systems
Electronic and electrical equipment
Mechanical equipment and components
Turbines, pumps, and compressors
Motors and drives
Electronic components
Electrical components
Material handling equipment
Capital machinery and equipment
Process automation and control equipment
Construction and building materials
Heat exchangers, boilers, and cooling towers
Waste management
Packaging materials
Indirect Spend
Facility Management Services
Facility Equipment and Supplies
Corporate Services
Professional Services
Travel and Entertainment
Telecom and Networking
IT Services
Office Supplies and Equipment
Computers and Peripherals
Logistics and Transportation

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