Engineering & Construction Procurement Services for the Construction Industry

Lean procurement strategies add value and eliminate waste on all of our construction projects. The choice of the procurement process is vitally important to the success of any construction project. Also, the type of procurement that companies in the construction industry choose is a major deciding factor of their overall profitability and is vitally important to the success of any construction project. Construction companies compare various types of procurement and opt for an ideal one based on key parameters such as topography, logistics, weather, available technology, finance, labor availability, and services.

The main objective of EquipUp's procurement process is to maximize the value of investments on behalf of the owner. Procurement is made according to a process that ensures the safe delivery of goods and services at the right price, at the right time and the right quality. For this to go as planned, procurement must be considered during the early stages of projects by setting up a procurement plan (procurement strategy) and by selecting the tender form for individual items of the project from the start.

You will get the best possible pricing from the most qualified trade contractors through EquipUp's approach:

  • 1) Up-to-date, detailed on-line contractor qualifications
  • 2) Providing bid packages with detailed instructions, site utilization plans, and schedules so the bidders understand the plan for executing the work and when materials are due to be delivered to the site
  • 3) Purchasing long-lead or critical path items strategically
  • 4) Close collaboration between all disciplines including estimating, operations, scheduling, purchasing and risk management
  • 5) Leveraging our global buying power

Our experience spans the entire range of the energy services cycle – from feasibility studies and front end designs through global procurement and logistics, direct hire construction and construction management on some of the most demanding energy projects onshore and offshore. These efforts are backed by the full force of a global organization of employees in regional offices and operating centers around the world.

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