Procurement Imperatives for Chemical Industry

The chemicals industry is one of the largest sectors that deliver materials and substances that are used as intermediate goods in different sectors such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture among others. Every industry faces sourcing and procurement challenges, and the chemicals industry is no exception. Improving visibility across the value chain and reaching out to emerging economies are expected to take center stage in future procurement decisions. Besides "cost savings," EquipUp's procurement intelligence allows you to focus on value-adding activities.

EquipUp' provides a comprehensive range of procurement and supply chain solutions that help large chemical enterprises beat these challenges. From point solutions such as spend analysis and strategic sourcing to enterprise-wide transformation and outsourcing programs, Equipup helps chemical companies achieve better business outcomes by supporting them throughout the source-to-pay cycle. While chemical companies recognize the importance of strong purchasing capabilities, few have transformed the function into a source of strategic advantage. Heres how we can.

Obtaining raw materials at the right price, specification, quantity, and quality are fundamental to the profitability of chemical companies. Purchasing expenditures are equivalent to 20 to 60 percent of sales revenue for specialty-chemical players and 50 to 80 percent of income for makers of commodity products. It isnt just the size of purchasing spending that makes it so significant for chemical companies. The return of severe raw-material pricing volatility with oil prices down by over 50 percent from two years ago means that making the right purchasing decisions matters more than ever.

Equipup's leading team of procurement professionals work side by side with your existing procurement teams to optimize your procurement practices and cut cost with Speed, flexibility, innovation, and Risk Mitigation. You count on us, we always deliver.

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