Equipupstore is an online Marketplace connecting Buyers and Sellers of Equipment, Machinery, Tools and Industrial Services globally. Finding the right equipment with the right quality from the right supplier is always challenging and time consuming. At equipupstore we are making it easier to find the right equipment with the right specification and from the right supplier all in one place with a few clicks.

Collinet is an entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for Sourcing & Procurement, eCommerce and Software-Hardware Systems Integration. As Director of Global Procurement, Collinet has led Equip Up's growth as a rapidly expanding procurement and supply chain solutions innovator, serving a burgeoning roster of companies worldwide. Working closely with the management team, Collinet has helped provide the vision, strategy, and leadership that has helped us sustain a corporate growth rate that consistently tops 30-40 percent annually.

CHis focus on nurturing talent and innovation, fostering a cohesive global leadership team, and sustaining the dynamic, client-centric culture has helped Equip Up become a growing recognized global industry leader. Collinet is passionately committed to building Equip Up, its solutions portfolio and its people, by helping our customers achieve their strategic, financial and operational goals in new and better ways, and leading the firm to rapid, sustainable growth.

Prior to joining Equip Up Store, Collinet led strategy, supply chain, procurement and global outsourcing engagements at Weltron, Advanced Supplies, and Patterson Drilling. Collinet has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ethan Petroleum. He is a strong proponent of corporate social responsibility initiatives, undertaken in communities around Africa and the Americas. He is also a supporter of Houston’s Habitat for Humanity. Collinet has an MBA with honors in Supply Chain and Operations Management from American InterContinental University, and a Bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) in Business Management from Kasem Bundit University of Thailand.

Umesh is a skilled and nimble programmer that assists the entire team wherever help is needed. He has exceptional troubleshooting skills, is an extremely fast coder, and has strong database skills with over 12 years of experience. Umesh does the majority of our Ecommerce websites and is very adept at creating product configurators for online stores or stand-alone applications. Umesh also handles much of the technical configurations for domain name registration and hosting. His tasks include developing and maintaining websites with JAVA/PHP/HTML/CSS.

Besides being a Partner of equipupstore, Umesh is also the founder of TradeMesoft Technology, an Indian based company offering affordable customized Software applications for the Hospitality Industry of India in particular and the rest of the world at large.

Today, his software traded under the brand name TradeMeSoft Hotel is in used in 10 countries by over 200 Customers and counting. In 2011, Umesh and Collinet joint forces to deliver Hotel management Solutions to some of the biggest hotel chains in Central Africa, South East Asia,India as well as developing and designing websites for a number of companies.

Pius has a career track record of operational recovery and reinvention with direct and proven ability to re-engineer both the bottom line and the internal workforce. He has more than 20 Years in the development, hiring and mentoring of supervisors, managers and executive leaders to focus their efforts on managing to drive results with cross-functional work teams, delivering feedback and change navigation.

Superior proven ability to lead and manage the communication chain across all channels; drive results and business change to both sides of the workforce (hourly and salaried staff); An originator of cultural impacts and initiatives to lead change, success and work-life balance.

Rigo is a former owner of Weslaco Tool, Inc., a Texas based company located in Rio Grande Valley. He specializes in woodworking and Metal working machinery and equipment. and He has over 25 plus years of experience in sales of industrial machinery and equipment to businesses gross the globe.

Rigo is a perfect guy to talk to about your specific needs in the woodworking and metal working industry. He is also an expert Power generating plants using alternative sources of energy such as biomass. Rigo develops business locally in the United States as well as thru out Latin America.His roles includes business development and project management, building client relationships and guiding clients through equipment sourcing and purchase processing as well as helping suppliers connect with the right buyers in real-time.

Working throughout many different industries as a Senior Level Marketing consultant and manager, Marcus has spent years developing and growing business relationships all across the board. Developing lasting correspondence with clients and partners alike, his innovative ideas and solutions are are a driving force to our sucess.

He has extensive experience in developing brand awareness in marketing, advertising, and multiple digital eCommerce platforms. He prides himself on being goal-oriented and strives to provide the best quality of service at all times. As Director of Marketing, Marcus develops client relationships, manage marketing strategies, budget, print advertising, SEO, email marketing, SMS, and social media.

Michelle is an experienced, results-oriented purchasing professional with exceptional abilities in building/developing internal teams and vendor relationships. She has a track record of significant achievement, to include reducing costs, improving sales and profits, and developing and improving purchasing programs to meet organizational corporate objectives.

Specialties: Strategic Planning, Inventory Control, Domestic/Import Negotiation, P&L / Budget Coordination, Marketing / Promotions, Team / Staff Development, Cost Reduction / Profit Increase Bid Analysis, Supply chain management, Expediting and Customer Service.

Michelle has fifteen (15 years) Procurement Management expertise in Capital Equipment, Raw Materials and MRO Supplies. Fortune 500 corporate experience in general management and experienced at conducting International business in South America, Mexico, Asia, Africa and Europe.

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